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Apartment Tax Wood Property

Is your apartment tax ready?

Are you and your apartment tax ready? With the financial year end fast approaching it’s time to get your investment apartment tax ready. Part of

Rental growth - How far and how long

Rental growth – How far & how long?

Renters and owners are both desperate to know how far rental growth will go and for how long. This week’s findings from Australian Bureau of

Costs to buy and sell an apartment

The cost to buy and sell an apartment is one of the reasons apartments are a long-term play. If you sell one apartment and buy

landlord insurance wood property

Should I have landlord insurance?

Apartment investors often have lots of questions about landlord insurance. Should apartment investors have landlord insurance? Is apartment landlord insurance different from house landlord insurance?

Tax deductions wood property

Tax deductions for landlords.

Calculating what are legitimate tax deductions for landlords can be tricky. It is not surprising this time of year to see the ATO announce crack

How do rent increases work

How do rent increases work?

The apartment rental market is red hot and owners and renters are all talking about rent increases. They have lots of questions and are asking

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Written by a 4th generation real estate agent Apartments Made Easy gives you the tools and tells you all you need to know about how to buy, sell, own, lease, and manage your apartment successfully.

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