We’ve been looking after property owners and buyers for four generations.

You will only deal with very experienced and capable people.

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the property industry. There is too much at stake to have it any other way. No one will be practising on you or your apartment.

You benefit from our use of the latest technology systems.

The world has changed and our state of the art systems allow you access to what is going on with your apartment anytime, anywhere. Our system also allows us to get things done quickly and properly.

Good renters are Golden.

Our Property Management team are very focussed on finding and keeping the best renters for you. We closely monitor the apartment market so we are in the best place to advise you on demand and rental levels.

We focus on investment property in Melbourne.

We have built our careers in Melbourne and know it inside and out. You can trust our expert knowledge of selling and managing property and what makes a great investment in our city.

Going… going… sold!

Selling or buying an apartment is a crucial decision and a complex process with lots of market noise and conflicting views. Fortunately we have done it for over 30 years and managed over $4 billion of sales so we can definitely guide you in the best way.

We discuss your market and key investment decisions.

There is a lot of market noise. You need to know what’s happening to your apartment. We regularly discuss current and specific market data so its meaningful and helpful to you.

We are a fourth generation real estate family.

“My great grandfather, Henry Wood, had a real estate office in the old Rialto Building in Collins Street, Melbourne in the early 1900's and after four generations my family has continually provided real estate service.” – Andrew Wood, Managing Director, Wood Property. Read more.

You get connected to our specialist partners in related fields.

We work closely with you and provide access to our network of preferred advisor partners for professional services such as; tax, legal, finance, insurance or financial planning.

Our Director understands investment property.

Wood Property Director, Andrew Wood is former Managing Director of Jones Lang Lasalle, in Melbourne. He has managed billions of dollars in investment transactions, so he understands investment property and can help you make the right decisions.

Meet the team

Andrew Wood
Managing Director
+61 419 775 656

Ally Wajcman
Leasing Manager
+61 455 555 427

Megan Powell
Property Manager
+61 448 533 332

Hannah McKinnon
Senior Property Manager
+61 436 239 999

David Picking
Sales Executive
+61 467 353 333

Luke Fornieri

Luke Fornieri
Sales Executive
+61 497 888 828

Madelyn Dab

Madelyn Dabb
Trust Accountant
+61 475 555 235

Brooke Te Angina

Brooke Te Angina
Property Management and Leasing
+61 418 326 666

Kirsten Braiuka
Senior Property Manager
+61 459 444 454

Tammy Chan

Property Manager

Breanna Whitehead

Breanna Whitehead
Office Administration Support
+61 3 8539 3333

Angie Taylor D’Paul

Angie Taylor D’Paul
Property Manager
+61 458 777 768

Raquel Usher

Raquel Usher
Property Manager
+61 458 999 934

Tom Pearce

Tom Pearce
Property Manager
+61 467 093 333

The Wood Family History

I grew up in a real estate family. It was the business that provided everything we had and it was all we talked about. Each day brought new real estate related tales and adventures shared around the family dinner table. I never met my great grandfather, Henry Ashton (Harry) Wood. He died well before I was born. That’s him on the left of the photo. This shot was taken in 1918 and my grandfather Henry Raymond (Ray) Wood, a strapping 19 year old (and excellent ‘tap’ ruckman from all reports) is on the far right. The real estate office was fairly basic with dirt floors and hessian walls.

Harry Wood didn’t struggle for long and set up an office in Collins Street Melbourne in the 1920’s in the old Rialto Building. You will see their office in the bottom right of the photo below. To this day that photo is etched in a plaque on the building which is now the entrance to the Inter Continental Hotel.

By the 1930’s the great depression would hit, and young Ray’s business baptism would begin. My Dad, Henry William (Bill) Wood, who joined the business in the early 1950s, says his father was an exceptional businessman who steered the company through many tough economic times.

Bill is a gifted marketer, auctioneer and negotiator and there was always a deal in the wind or an interesting property challenge he would share with us. He continued to grow the business during his 40 years at the helm and co-founded First National Network of Real Estate Agents which now has over 400 agents across Australia, New Zealand, and South Pacific.

I’m the 4th born of 5 boys and 4 of us work in real estate. In 2008, the family business of Wood & Co celebrated 100 years in business and today, the company thrives under the leadership of my brother Brian and his wife Lauren.

Andrew Wood
Managing Director
Wood Property

If you would like our expert advice on your apartment, contact us today!

Andrew Wood

Managing Director

Wood Property Managing Director, Andrew Wood, has 25 years experience in investment property big and small. For 6 years he headed Jones Lang Lasalle – Melbourne which is one of the worlds largest property services businesses. He has a Bachelor of Business in Property, is a qualified Property Valuer, a Licensed Estate Agent, Auctioneer, has an MBA with a finance major, Fellow of the Australian Property Institute, Associate of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria and, is a fourth generational real estate professional so its safe to say you are in good hands.

Andrew will be your personal property market advisor and will bring in specialists in areas such as tax, accounting, financial advice, legal, insurance, estate planning or foreign exchange as need be. Communication is key so we all know the plan and can work together to achieve a common goal. (Please note: Any personal, sensitive, financial or legal information can remain confidential with your adviser).