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How we look after you and your apartment

At last – the experience and service you have been looking for is here. ​

As an apartment owner, you know how important it is to manage your investment and not just your apartment. You might also know how challenging it can be, just keeping on top of everything.

Wood Property want you to enjoy the benefits of apartment investment and be free to plan on buying another apartment to grow your wealth.

Think of Wood Property more as your investment manager. Yes, we are great apartment managers but we all know that’s only part of it.

How we provide you with the best service

Constant investment in technology

Investing in technology is essential to stay in front of the market and meet our high service standards and efficiency of operations. We regularly update our systems to deliver better service to you and the market.
Our clients can access all your apartment, renter and financial details via your own secure website where you can see statements, condition reports, lease terms etc. See a sample here.

Renters interact with us via Facebook messenger which they love as they can tell us if something needs fixing, see when their rent is due, message us or find out any other lease details.

Technology lets us stay on top of everything from anywhere, at any time, which is how we act faster for you.

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Never lose sight of the basics

With all the noise and distraction of the world today we never forget what is most important.

Here are some of our core values:

Selective about our team

Our team is experienced and well trained to look after you, your apartment and your renter. We are results oriented, dedicated and client focused.

It was Steve Jobs of Apple fame who said:

“I found that when you get enough “A” players together… they REALLY like working with each other because they have never had a chance to do that before. And they don’t want to work with “B” and “C” players, so it becomes self-policing and they only want to hire more “A” players…”

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Regular development and training

Education is a life long pursuit and it’s imperative we keep learning. Internal and external training keeps our team on top of their game in many areas including:

Strict adherence to processes

Apartment management and leasing requires lots of little things to be done properly. It is critical we don’t miss anything, ever, especially as it relates to money, legal documents, peoples’ homes and happiness.

We have a strict adherence to follow documented processes for everything we do whether it be logging a maintenance issue, signing a new lease, vacating a renter, reviewing the rent, or doing a 6 monthly routine inspection.

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We listen to your needs

As we know, first impressions count and the first interaction a prospective renter has at your apartment is us greeting them at the inspection. We take pride in being fully informed about your apartment, so we can highlight its best attributes to prospective renters.

At inspections, the presentation is always optimised. We use clear directional signage and engage with renters in a friendly, helpful and respectful way which makes the inspection process pleasant and easy. We find this results in a higher number of renters applications.

We encourage renters to pre-register their attendance, so we know in advance who is inspecting your apartment. This saves delays on the day, allowing us more time to discuss and highlight the best features of your apartment and for us to find out more about them.

In addition to the normal Saturday and midweek inspections renters are able to book in a private inspection at a time that suits them throughout the week.

And just to confirm, we never allow a prospective renter to inspect your apartment without us.

Do it now, properly and once

We all know in our own lives what happens when something doesn’t get done properly and on time. The issue gets worse, takes longer and may cost more.

We have a 24-hour rule that everything is actioned within a day. If we need to request a trade or service to attend your apartment, we follow up to make sure it was completed properly whilst keeping everyone informed along the way.

Our advice and service maximises your total return over the life of your investment.

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Detailed apartment condition report

Your investment apartment is one of your most valuable assets, and it is very important we accurately record its condition prior to a renter moving in. This is also a legal requirement. We create a thorough condition report which records the condition of every surface, floor covering, window covering, light and appliance in every single room and external area of your apartment. This report includes hundreds of photos and detailed notes to make sure your apartment is returned as it was found.

While we work hard to keep good renters unfortunately one day they move out. When they do, this detailed condition report ensures your investment is returned in the same condition (save for fair wear and tear) when the renters moved in and provides evidence of that condition.

A detailed condition report can save you thousands of dollars and headaches down the track. It also saves any dispute about whether something was there or not when a renter moved in.

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Extensive renter induction

When we sign the lease with your successful renter we sit down with them and go through an extensive list of important items including:

Once a new lease is signed, the first month rent and bond is paid, and the renter has collected the keys, we provide you an executed copy of the lease agreement and condition report for your records. We also contact the relevant water authority to register the tenancy with them, so they bill the renter directly (and not you as owner) for their water usage.

Receipt and payment of rent

Rent is paid by renter into our trust account every month. Once the funds have cleared, and all bills that we pay on your behalf are checked, we pay the rent to you.

This process usually takes about 5 days. Each time we pay you we provide you with a financial statement including a breakdown of all the payments and a copy of any bills paid on your behalf.

We arrange for payments to be made to you at the same time each month even from one renter to the next. This way you can structure your finances around a regular payment pattern from us.

We can pay different amounts into any number of nominated bank accounts and send a copy of the statement to anyone you like, including your accountant or partner. The statement sets out clearly everything you need to know with the amount of rent, the period it was for, and any bills paid on your behalf.

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Payment of your apartment bills

Owning apartment means you get a steady flow of bills such as:

Your bills can come straight to us so we can pay them for you out of the rent. That way you never need to worry about ever paying another apartment bill again. Another benefit of this service is at tax time you can take an annual statement (that we prepare for you) to your accountant with all your direct costs including GST detailed on one page.

Regular routine inspections

3 months after your renter moves in and every 6 months after that, we inspect your property, hopefully while the renter is home. We want to make sure your renter is looking after the property, occupying it correctly, and check if there are any maintenance issues that need attending to. After each inspection, we provide a report including photos to you. Previous reports are also available to you at any time via your own property website (owner portal).

The second inspection is at the 9 month mark of the lease which is when we chat to the renter about their plans for the next 12 months, and discuss the benefits of them agreeing to a new lease agreement.

If they would like a new lease, we discuss this with you to see if you would like to offer it to them.

You are very welcome to come along with us to any inspections.

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Prompt attendance to maintenance

We know a big reason renters’ move out of apartments is because their agent / owner does not attend to things that need fixing. Broken towel rails, cupboards, taps, door handles etc annoy any home occupier. These small issues often turn into larger problems when not fixed quickly.

Renters can quickly and easily let us know about items for repair any time of the day or week via Facebook messenger. They just sms “Wood” to 0488 884 002 to access it. 

After getting your approval, we promptly attend to all maintenance items to ensure your apartment is kept in good repair. We make sure you and the renters are kept up to date on the progress of any works.

Unfortunately, urgent maintenance issues such as a power failure or a water leak do sometimes occur, and we need to attend to them immediately. This is common sense but also a legal requirement. We have a streamlined processes in place to assess and action urgent repairs on your behalf, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

New apartments have warranties on the building and appliances. We make sure the correct people and trades are notified of any issues that occur during this warranty period to ensure guarantees are not voided.

Managing the end of a tenancy

When a tenancy comes to an end, we act quickly to review the market, discuss with you the market rent and commence the search for a new renter as soon as possible. We aim to find a new, suitable renter before the current renter has vacated to minimise the time you are without rent.

After a vacating renter has returned all the keys to us, we conduct a comprehensive final inspection. We review the condition report from the start of the tenancy to ensure no damage has occurred and the property is returned in good, clean condition with the exception of any reasonable fair wear.

Vacating tenants

If you would like our expert advice on your apartment, contact us today!