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Renting an apartment

What owners and renters say about us.

The best way to understand the quality of our service is hear what people who have experienced it say about us.

Mark Welsh
Mark Welsh

Andrew and his team at Wood Property have always been excellent to work with. They manage my property seamlessly, communicate regularly and resolve any problems quickly and efficiently.

Awesome job, guys 👍

Maria Romero
Maria Romero

Wood Property are very efficient and provides a quick response. My application with them got approved very quick and I feel really comfortable being looked after by them with the property I rented. Highly recommended team and agency 🙂

Jack Pert
Jack Pert

The property inspection was carried out in a timely manner. My application was processed efficiently and with a quick turnaround. The move in process has been smooth and streamlined with clear instructions and speedy responses.

Rental process when an owner moves out and renter moves in

Rental process from one renter to another

Assessment of the market rent

We balance the need to maximise your rent with keeping a good renter longer.

At the start of the lease, we assess your market rent and then review it every 12 months, or as often as the market and the Residential Tenancies Act will allow.

This is a delicate balance, and we prefer to increase rent by a smaller amount more often, than a larger increase less often.

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Review for any enhancements

Over the life of an apartment there are times when it makes commercial sense to do improvement works or maintenance that will increase the rent, keep your renter longer, and improve the longer-term capital growth of your asset.

We keep an eye out for such works when we conduct our 6-monthly apartment inspection and will occasionally come to you with suggestions and discuss the economic case for doing improvement works.

Apartment presentation

It is amazing how much difference a well-presented apartment makes to the market response. When prospective renters search the web or inspect an apartment looking for their new home, if one is poorly presented they will just walk out or scroll to the next apartment.

Professional photography is used on all our listings and the physical presentation is optimised with blinds up, lights on, wardrobe doors shut, toilet seat down and the heating or cooling on in winter or summer.

Melbourne apartment staging

High profile marketing

Next time you look at realestate.com.au or domain.com.au you will see some properties are promoted at the top of the list in big ads and others at the bottom of the list in smaller ads. We put your apartment at the top of the list in a big advertisement, so more people see it, inspect the apartment and apply to lease it, giving you more people to choose from so rent is paid to you sooner for longer.

We also promote your apartment on about 8 different property web sites.

In addition to this, we maintain a database of over 2,000 prospective renters. Each time we advertise an apartment which matches their specific needs we notify them as soon as it hits the market.

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Quality review of renter applications

Once we have found several prospective renters for you it is really important to pick the best one. Our leasing agent discreetly interviews renters during the inspection and then scrutinises their application, calls references and digs into the detail to find out who is going to be the most reliable renter to look after your apartment and hopefully stay for many years.

Once the preferred applications have been processed, we provide you a full summary and discuss our recommendation to help you make an informed decision.

Wood Property inspections

New Renter Inspections

As we know, first impressions count and the first interaction a prospective renter has at your apartment is us greeting them at the inspection. We take pride in being fully informed about your apartment, so we can highlight its best attributes to prospective renters.

At inspections, the presentation is always optimised. We use clear directional signage and engage with renters in a friendly, helpful and respectful way which makes the inspection process pleasant and easy. We find this results in a higher number of renters applications.

We encourage renters to pre-register their attendance, so we know in advance who is inspecting your apartment. This saves delays on the day, allowing us more time to discuss and highlight the best features of your apartment and for us to find out more about them.

In addition to the normal Saturday and midweek inspections renters are able to book in a private inspection at a time that suits them throughout the week.

And just to confirm, we never allow a prospective renter to inspect your apartment without us.

Lots of other things we do for you.

There are many other little things we do for you and your property that just become part of our everyday service. Here are a few of them:

Bond lodgement

All bonds are lodged with RTBA as required by legislation.

Arrears management

Despite our strict renter selection criteria and close management, sometimes renters do fall into rental arrears. All renters are contacted via email, SMS and phone for any late payments. Arrears are dealt with swiftly and we keep you informed if this does occur.

Smoke detectors

We organise annual smoke detector servicing to ensure safety and insurance compliance

Depreciation assessment

If you need a depreciation schedule, we can get you a great rate and coordinate a quantity surveyor to inspect your property and provide it for you.

Owners corporation issues

Apartment management requires lots of interaction with the owners corporation for anything to do with the general operation of the building. We enjoy a good relationship with all owners corporations and can deal with any issues that arise. When we manage many apartments in one development, we often sit on the owners corporation committee to represent you.

Legislation adherence

The Residential Tenancies Act and consumer laws all need to be adhered to and often change. We ensure we are up to date with any legislation amendments to ensure everything is compliant.


Sometimes despite all our efforts things don’t work out and we just can’t agree on a solution with a renters. When this happens VCAT (Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal) need to resolve it. We act for you at the VCAT hearing. Our track record on favourable outcomes is excellent.

Valuation inspections

If you refinance your apartment the mortgage broker will organise a valuer to inspect your property in order to complete their valuation. We organise the inspection with your renter and meet the valuer to provide access.


There are many layers of insurance and we can help you navigate your way through it. With an apartment there are three basic levels:
i. Owners corporation insurance for the entire building
ii. owner insurance for the apartment and renter issues (landlord insurance)
iii. Contents insurance for the renters’ own belongings.
We are not insurance brokers and you may wish to get your own advice, but we can certainly give you some feedback from our experiences with different companies and policies.

Asset management and advice.

We are more “investment managers of your property” than “property managers of your investment,” which means we discuss your investment plans with you and your other advisers.

Property is a long-term asset and most of the time you will enjoy trouble free investment income. From time to time, it is important to check in to ensure everything is on track. We can discuss questions like do I sell or hold it, the financial case for refurbishment works, or join in a conversation with your other advisers about the holding entity, joint owners, financial structure, etc.

While there is a lot of market noise about apartment values and the level of new supply or likely demand, the actual impact on your apartment needs a more specific understanding of the real and local issues.

Periodically we can provide you with our assessment of your apartment’s value which may be required by your accountant or financial planner. We can discuss your property directly with your mortgage broker, accountant, or other advisers to ensure you are provided with considered and well-rounded advice.

Buying and Selling

Our sales team focus exclusively on the apartment market meaning they have an intimate understanding of the best way to sell an apartment and an extensive contact base of both investment and owner occupier buyers.

We can also add considerable value when buying an apartment by giving you lots of helpful tips to get the best apartment at the right price.

If you would like our expert advice on your apartment, contact us today!