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Owners and renters help each other.

In normal markets owners and renters help each other and everything ticks along easily. Lately the shortage of rental accommodation is a regular feature on

Apartment rents to jump 30%

Apartment rents are expected to rise by 30% in some precincts over the next 5 years according to aparmtent research just released by CBRE. We

Time to buy apartments

Is it time to buy or sell apartments?

We often discuss the best time to buy or sell apartments. Property remains a long-term investment and therefore longer-term trends should trump short term issues.

Apartment Market - Act 2

The apartment market – Act 2

When analysing the apartment market, it feels like we are at intermission of a murder mystery in the theatre. Act 1 was a roller coaster.

Stamp duty on the way out. 🤞

If you could choose between paying stamp duty (once) or an annual land tax, which one would you pick? This is not a live option

The apartment market in 2023

The apartment market in 2023.

What will happen to the apartment market in 2023? Well the rental market will almost certainly continue to rise throughout the year. The sales market has

Charging EVs in apartments

Charging EVs in apartments?

Can apartment residents own and charge an electronic vehicle (EV) at home? Unfortunately, for most apartment residents the answer is no. At least not in

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Apartments Made Easy

Written by a 4th generation real estate agent Apartments Made Easy gives you the tools and tells you all you need to know about how to buy, sell, own, lease, and manage your apartment successfully.

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