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Stamp duty changes are coming…

We have clearly now moved beyond any debate about whether stamp duty should be removed or not. It has been castigated as a draconian tax for

The case for regulating property spruikers

The financial services profession is awash with regulations designed (in part) to protect consumers from advisers promoting or recommending inappropriate products or being influenced by incentives

apartment stamp duty – time to act

In Dec 2009 Dr Ken Henry chaired a tax reform committee which included a scathing review of stamp duty as a “diabolical tax” saying it is

Well I’m confused…

Do we need more or less housing? In the heavy weight title fight for “housing needs” we have in the red corner “Affordable Housing” wanting

Apartment market shake up

If you are thinking about buying an apartment “off the plan” you better hurry as one of the key financial incentives is about to disappear.

Who do you think is right?

There are two very conflicting stories running on the housing market. A.   Homes are unaffordable B.   There is a large supply of apartments So

Need help with your apartment?

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