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Apartment Rent is already recovering

The recent press heralding Melbourne as the cheapest city in Australia to rent comes as no surprise given it also holds the record as the

VCAT is drowning in Covid times

If you have ever had a residential leasing dispute resolved at VCAT I hope you found it easy and fair. Some find it frustrating and even disappointing.

Median Unit price in lockdown

During Covid lockdowns the number of apartment sales in Melbourne and Sydney has ground to a halt which makes me wonder… what will this do to

CoreLogic – Early Market Indicators

For the week ending 11 April 2021, both the pre-listing activity and mortgage activity dropped over 20% period-on-period in Australia. However, comparing to the same

Need help with your apartment?

Apartments Made Easy

Written by a 4th generation real estate agent Apartments Made Easy gives you the tools and tells you all you need to know about how to buy, sell, own, lease, and manage your apartment successfully.

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