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What to do now when rents are rising?

While rents have already risen most commentators (including this one) agree there is further growth to go. Owners are asking what is the best time

Apartment market forecast to tighten

With the relatively strong pipeline of Build to Rent (BTR) apartments in various stages of planning and the reducing pipeline of Build to Sell (BTS)

Can owners increase the rent?

It is great news for apartment owners that the market rent for apartments is improving after the Covid dip, but does this mean owners can

More good news for Melbourne rents!

I’m pretty sure most apartment investors are tired of hearing about the decline in rents that ensued in Melbourne through Covid, so when I tuned

Apartment Rent is already recovering

The recent press heralding Melbourne as the cheapest city in Australia to rent comes as no surprise given it also holds the record as the

VCAT is drowning in Covid times

If you have ever had a residential leasing dispute resolved at VCAT I hope you found it easy and fair. Some find it frustrating and even disappointing.

Apartment rents 2021 vs 2020

​​​​​​​In 2020, Covid had a devastating impact on the apartment rental market in Melbourne and Sydney. Many are asking what is happened to those markets

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