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Melbourne named best city in the world for working anywhere

Melbourne named best city in the world for working anywhere

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You may have seen where Melbourne recently lost its title as the worlds most liveable city. The good news is it recently picked up a new award.

Nestpick promotes furnished apartments for rent in 3,000 cities all over the world and recently analysed 75 major global cites to find out which one is the best in the world for remote working and created “The Work-from-Anywhere Index”.

Guess who topped the list? Here is the top 5.
1. Melbourne
2. Dubai
3. Sydney
4. Tallinn
5. London
The criteria includes ease and cost of setting up remote working, workplace culture acceptance of remote working, as well as the city itself and its liveability. Even the weather is one of the criteria and Melbourne still won! Cost of living is also a criteria as is the covid % vaccination rate.

While we are all adjusting to a trending shift in work from home and the debate rages on its merits and impact on the local economy, it seems like Melbourne is pretty good at it.

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