Is a monthly mortgage really cheaper than renting?

It’s not the first time we have seen the “click bait” headline claiming a Monthly mortgage is cheaper than Renting. It glosses over a few issues. Some obvious, and some not so. Does every renter want to buy a home? Firstly, the headline assumes that every renter wants to buy a home. However, this is…Read More→

Monthly mortgage cheaper than renting in 274 suburbs

Author: Nila Sweeney of AFR Rapidly rising rents could push some aspiring homeowners to pull the trigger on buying a home, despite higher mortgage rates and inflated house prices, experts say. Many home buyers had been priced out of the housing market as the widespread boom triggered a 27.8 per cent rise in median dwelling values nationwide…Read More→

Should I furnish my rental property?

Have you faced the decision of whether to furnish your rental property? Perhaps you are moving out of your own home and want to know should you leave your furniture behind for a renter to use. The obvious benefit to an owner of leasing an apartment furnished is achieving more rent. But what is the…Read More→

Can I remove a Property Management company at any time?

The simple answer is almost always Yes! You don’t need to wait for the lease to end or the renter to vacate before you change agents. There might be outstanding costs such as recent “for lease” advertising for your apartment or maintenance works, but otherwise you can change without any cost or fee. While the…Read More→

How to ask an agent to lease and manage my property?

Property Management is important to get right. Appointing (or changing) Property Managers and Leasing Agents is straight forward and can be done (online) in just minutes. However, it is important to understand the experience, capability, skills, and cost of your agent before you jump in. Let’s break it down… How much to pay a property…Read More→

How Governments impact the housing market

I am sure your attention (like mine) is caught by news stories on the housing market, and lately it feels like a daily event with a flood of real estate reports as the Federal Election and interest rate changes take centre stage. Much the commentary is about affordable housing, but have you noticed the debate is not…Read More→

New apartment supply under pressure

As we know, one of the main influences on the future value of existing and new apartments, is the relative movement in supply and demand. Demand is relatively opaque and influenced by many factors. Some logical like population growth, and some less rational. Supply however, is much more predictable and each quarter property research houses…Read More→

More construction companies to go under: Hutchinson Builders

Author: Mark Ludlow of AFR Australia’s largest privately owned construction company, Hutchinson Builders, has warned that more companies and subcontractors were likely to hit the wall as the material supply crisis shows no sign of abating. With Queensland-based builder Oracle asking customers on fixed price contracts to pay an extra $50,000 to finish their homes, Hutchinson Builders…Read More→

Inner Melbourne apartment prices jump 6.5pc

Author: Nila Sweeney of AFR Inner Melbourne apartment markets are defying the wider housing slowdown with suburbs such as West Melbourne posting as much as 6.5 per cent growth in the first quarter, as buyers seek more affordable dwellings. During the first three months of the year, Melbourne’s median unit price fell by 0.2 per…Read More→

Tax time for apartment investment.

When we are approaching June 30 each year it is a good time for investment apartment owners to get everything in place to claim all the tax deductions available for your apartment.  Some owners may have experienced a drop in revenue during the 12 months to 30 June, so maximising the deductible expenses is important….Read More→

What to do now when rents are rising?

While rents have already risen most commentators (including this one) agree there is further growth to go. Owners are asking what is the best time to increase the rent and renters are asking can I lock in a longer term lease to protect against future increases. The question of how much the rent will rise for…Read More→

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