If you are Apartment Hunting you need a weapon!

Need help with your apartment?

You may have noticed when it comes to buying and selling apartments the expert adviser (real estate agent) is always acting for the seller? It begs the question… who is helping the buyer?

Wood Property are that expert acting for sellers but we also want to assist buyers which is why we’ll soon launch the Apartment Hunters Workbook to help buyers find and buy their ideal apartment. There are some great buyer agents available but it is an added expense and it is sometimes hard for a buyer to explain exactly what they want. When we ask buyers what they are looking for they often say, “I will just know it when I see it” which is very understandable. The only catch is, when they do find their ideal apartment they have so many questions about how much to offer / bid,  the contract, owners corporation, any building issues, finance, etc.?

The Apartment Hunters Workbook and supporting website is the apartment buyers companion to help them navigate their way through the sometimes uncertain waters of buying an apartment. It will help buyers organise finance, prioritise their preferred apartment features, assess an apartment’s value, understand owners corporations and tap into the knowledge library containing help with lots of important questions.

Armed with their weapon, apartment buyers will be able to hunt and buy with confidence that they know what they want, what to look out for, how much they can afford and how much to offer.

If you would like to receive your Apartment Hunters Workbook, please click here to register.

Need help with your apartment?

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Need help with your apartment?