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How to win every lease application

How to win every lease application.

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When the leasing market tightens, it can get tough for some renters to get their applications accepted. So how do you get approved for the home you love.

Follow these tips and I guarantee you will push you application to the top of the pile.

Smooch the Leasing Agent.

Your application starts from the moment you book the inspection. Many leasing agents will be the ones reviewing your applications so start building the love. Remember most leasing agents are hectic all day so the easier you can make it for them the happier they will be to help you.

  • Confirm with the agent that you are coming.
  • Arrive on time or early.
  • Be friendly, chatty, polite and tell them your story.
  • Be honest, and if you love it, then apply asap. (don’t say you will apply and then don’t)
  • If you really want to go the extra mile, pick up a coffee for them on the way. They will love you for ever and tell their entire office about you!
  • Message the leasing agent after the inspection to say thanks and then confirm once the application is in.

If all your interactions with the agent are polite, punctual and easy then they are much more likely to support your application and push you to the top of the list

Complete the entire Rental Application

The goal here is to make it a slam dunk for the leasing agent to accept your application.

  • Make sure everyone completes all parts of your application.
  • References are critical so put them on notice to expect a call and respond promptly.
  • If you can’t complete some part then provide details as to why and provide any supporting information.
  • If there are two or more people going on the lease make sure everyone has completed everything correctly.
  • Once you have filled in all the formal stuff, tell your story about what is going on for you and why you would be a great choice for this property.

Other Hot Rental Application Tips to Winning a Rental Application.

If you build a great relationship with several leasing agents and tell them what you are after, they may give you an early heads up on another property that is coming up before it hits the market. Not every property you inspect is going to suit you so tell the agent what you like and don’t like about it so they get to know you better and can let you know when something suitable comes up.

If you don’t have everything required, then make up for it in other ways so you stand out where ever you can.

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