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Agents advise sellers but who helps Apartment Buyers?

Agents advise sellers but who helps Apartment Buyers?

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It is interesting when buying and selling apartments, the expert adviser (real estate agent) is always acting for the seller, which begs the question… who is helping or advising the buyer?

While there are great buyer agents, it can be hard to justify the additional cost, plus it’s often difficult to explain to someone exactly what sort of apartment you want. Often it’s the intangible things like the “feel” or “flow” of an apartment that attracts you. Many buyers say, “I will just know it when I see it”.

As an apartment buyer you are therefore doing all the leg work to find the apartment you love. When you do find it, you have so many questions like what price to offer, who can check the contract of sale, where do I get finance or can I offer subject to finance, are there any issues with the building and even what is the best bidding / negotiating strategy?

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Apartment Hunters Workbook is a really helpful tool for apartment buyers. This Workbook and associated web site is a great companion to give apartment buyers more comfort, confidence and knowledge. It is the apartment hunters advisor.

You can order your FREE copy here as well as get lots of help from the knowledge library, resource and contacts centre and apartment finance hub.

If you are looking to buy an apartment and would like to be updated on what is for sale please update your buying needs here.

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