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There are only so many things you can check before buying and moving into a new apartment. Some things you only find out about after you have moved in which can make the buying decision a little daunting, especially if you are downsizing from the family home or relocating to a new area or building.

For some people the buying decision comes with too many uncertainties to make the leap. Consequently they may become frozen with in action due to worrying about all the things they may not like.

Recently Wood Property have been working with several development owners to offer buyers the opportunity to “try before they buy”.  For example, someone can move into this brand new 2 bedroom apartment in West End on the fringe of Melbourne’s CBD and pay a refundable deposit and rent it for 6 months to test drive it. If they don’t like it they get their deposit back and move out. But if they love it, they pay the balance of the agreed price, less the rent already paid, and its theirs.

It is a great way to eliminate all the uncertainty of buying an apartment and investing hundreds of thousands of dollars with a risk of finding out things after the buyer has moved in. Additionally if someone was new to Melbourne or moving into an apartment for the first time they can buy without feeling locked in.

Some things in an apartment building are only fully understood once they have been experienced so “try before you buy” gives the ultimate level of comfort.

Need help with your apartment?

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Need help with your apartment?