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Have you every wondered how some people are able to do so much for others without any hint of personal recognition or financial gain.

Growing up in Melbourne as the youngest 4 boys Nic Bolto had his outlook on life re set when his oldest brother Rob died of Leukemia. As if that want enough he lost another brother to suicide sending him and his family into deep shock for many years. What he discovered through this experience is the awful lack of responsiveness and care in our community to help us manage life’s traumatic events.

Nic is the Chair of “The Retreat” which is Bed & Breakfast set is 53 Acres of wilderness near Buxton Victoia. As you will hear The Retreat provides a fabulous experience for paid guest which along with generous sponsorship support, contributes to the cost of hosting families in desperate need of support who can’t afford the stay.

Obviously the current times of lockdown are devastating and Nic shares how he has been navigating his way through Covid both personally and professionally.

To connect with The Retreat or book a stay please go to their website.

Need help with your apartment?

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Need help with your apartment?