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What is your Prahran Apartment Worth?

When you are buying or selling a Prahran apartment, we can help your understanding of apartment values in this area.

The simplest way to get your head around values is to ask us for a market report which shows recent sales and listings of similar apartments. Otherwise send us a note from the Contact Us link, or call us on 03 8539 3333 and we can answer all your apartment questions.

It is however really helpful for you to understand how to make sense from all the information about different apartments and their value, so you can understand how and why they differ and then apply that to the apartment you are buying or selling.

No two apartments are identical and even when a similar apartment sells you still need to make an adjustment in value for differences between the sold apartment and the one you are assessing.

Fortunately, the market is more transparent today than it has ever been with most sale results available on property web sites.

You can search for the sale prices of similar apartments but unless you know all the detail about that apartment and especially things that are not on the listing page such as the quality of building management, the true size of rooms, natural light, or things like overlooking, you only have part of the story.

There is no short cut to finding out what your apartment is worth.

You can Google “what is my apartment worth” and find a selection of sites that offer up a value range and sometimes a confidence rating. These sites use regression analysis of quantifiable variables from other apartment sales, but it can’t factor in the softer stuff like functionality of the floor plan, size of living space or quality of the kitchen appliances and these things can make all the difference. Consequently the “Google” valuation is not that great.

The best way is to ask an apartment agent who does this every day and get their advice.

How do you know what your apartment is worth? Just ask us or download the free e-book below.

Finding out how much your apartment is truly worth can be tricky.

We’ve put together a guide for you with everything you need to know about the value of your apartment.
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