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Refinancing loans on the rise.

The rise in interest rates in early 2022, has driven a growing number of people to find a better deal for their home or investment

Do the rental rule changes work?

In March 2021 the Victorian Government introduced a raft of new rules with the intention of protecting residential renters. Did they work? Some did, but

How to adjust rent payments?

Paying rent each month is straight forward. However, when it needs to be adjusted for different pay dates or part payments, it can get confusing.

Is it a good time to buy?

Is it a good time to buy? The lower auction clearance rates in mid 2022 are a good barometer of market sentiment and direction, but

Should investment owners sell or hold?

Here are some interesting recent market stats. Rental rates for apartments nationally are up 4.8% year on year to June 2022. Investment sellers nationally has

Breaking a lease. How does it work?

Sometimes life takes a sharp turn and a renter needs to move out of a property before the lease has ended. This is called breaking

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