Is your apartment vacant? Here are 12 things that will help you find a good tenant.

It is sad but true… If you own a vacant apartment you will know the leasing market has softened. However, we are still finding great tenants and are here to help you.

Here is your 12 point checklist for finding good tenants in this tough market.
  1. Great professional photos
  2. A video walk-through of your apartment
  3. The top-level listing on and
  4. Regular re-boosting your advertisements so it stays on top
  5. Listed on 8 other property portals
  6. Paid Facebook and Instagram ads (not just organic posts)
  7. Regularly text to all potential tenants on the agent’s database
  8. Regular private and general inspection times (3 or 4 per week)
  9. “For Lease” sign (if the owner’s corporation allow it)
  10. A letterbox drop to surrounding apartments with a QR code to your property “for lease” listing
  11. Follow up to all inquiries with phone calls and text messages
  12. Urgent processing of tenant applications
If you would like us to help find a great tenant for your apartment please contact us now and we will get everything sorted for you.

Who could keep your apartment occupied by good tenants?

Wood could. Contact us now and let us help you!

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