TA:38 All dogs are good…they teach us a lot.

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When Harriet Alexander was living in London she took in a three legged rescue dog. “Pedro” had a number of behavioral issues due do past trauma and neglect. Little did she know at the time Pedro was about to completely change her life. Harriet was so determined to understand him and how to help him that she ended up making a career of it.

With the help of inspirational mentors and a lot of study in canine behaviour management, Harriet operates a professional dog training business in Melbourne called All Dogs are Good with methods that are ethical and kind and are a long way from the old training technics based on fear, and intimidation.

Harriet sits on the board of of Pet Dog Trainers of Europe who have just run their very first online summit.

You can get in touch with Harriet …

Email – harriet@alldogsaregood.com



Need help with your apartment?

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