TA:37 Say Bonjour to Vincent and Canelé magnifique.

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If you have never tried a Canelé you are in for a treat. If you are already a fan then I have some very exciting news.

With its origins in the Annociades convent of Bordeaux where nuns cared for disadvantaged children, Melbourne has its very own decedent of the French boulangerie

Vincent Uso moved to Australia from France about 6 years ago. With a dream in his heart and the secrete recipe from his Uncle Alain in his pocket he has just started baking the most magnificent Canelés here in Melbourne.

Buy day he is an architect but by night he transform to produce French pastries that can be delivered to your door.

Canelé Alain is operating through Covid and you can order here

…or email contact@canalealain.com

…or follow them here.


Either way bon appetit…

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