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Don’t you just adore a good love story.

Jelmer Stellingwerf was happily going about his life working in Switzerland when he was swept off his feet by an Aussie girl studying music at Zurich. Somehow he convinced his boss Australia would be a fantastic place to set up a new office and he and Karina moved here in 2019 leaving his family behind in his home land of the Netherlands.

Karina is a professional musician (which the neighbors love) and Jelmer is the Managing Director of Swiss Grip Australia which as the name suggests is a non slip safety coating and he has very quickly grown the Australian business which now provides the product to many sectors including aged care, hospitals, hotels, domestic and recreational sectors.

It is a great story and you can  contact with Swiss Grip on their web site or email info@swissgrip.com.au or call 03 7020 2041.

Need help with your apartment?

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Need help with your apartment?