TA:32 Apartment market review in every capital city

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As we have discussed several times the apartment market trends differently in each capital city around Australia.

The local market dynamics such as supply and demand play a big role but now we have the variations in Covid-19 restrictions and interstate travel factors at play as well.

To help understand what is happening we welcome back our go to apartment market commentator Leigh Warner – Head of Residential Research at JLL. Leigh and his team of researchers around the country have just released the Apartment Market Snapshot which provides a review of each of Australia’s capital cities markets.

You can download them here and listen to Leigh talk you through the key drivers and how he sees the outlook.

Apartment Market Snapshots.

I hope this helps you navigate your way through the current issues and please let me know if you have any apartment issues we can help you with.

Need help with your apartment?

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