TA:31 It is amazing the difference a chat can make.

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While Covid-19 has turned up the pressure on all of us, the importance on mental health and well being has always been there and always will be.

This special episode of Talking Apartments goes inside the home to discuss the very important and personal issue of mental health. Rachel Bowes is Head of Crisis Services and Quality at Lifeline Australia and speaks to us about what you can do to manage your mental health, how to support others and the services lifeline offer to people needing someone to talk to.

What struck me most in our discussion was while the Crisis Support volunteers that answer calls to Lifeline are trained and skilled, it is what they don’t do that is the real key. They don’t judge or provide advise so much as just listen empathically to understand you. It reminds me about the difference everyone of us can make by just being there for other people to talk.

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