TA:27 Would you like a guaranteed selling price?

TA:27 Would you like a guaranteed selling price?

One of the greatest fears for most sellers of real estate is what happens if we don’t get our price or worse still… it doesn’t sell at all. Adding to that stress is if you have already bought your next home and committed yourself financially so you have double the exposure to the market.

What about if someone offered you a guaranteed sale price but still let you go to the market to see if you can do better? Well they do. It is called Brickfloor.

Dean Fraser is the Founder and CEO of Brickfloor which is one of the most exciting new offerings in real estate. Brickfloor agree a guaranteed sale price with you giving you confidence to step out into the market to sell your home with a sale already in your back pocket. Nice eh? Also you can now buy your next home before selling your current home with comfort of your fall back position.

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