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Hi and welcome to Talking Apartments.

This will help you decide if this Podcast is for you and what it is about.

Talking Apartments will help you make the right decisions when buy and sell an apartment as well as leasing and managing them. It is also very interactive and I am super keen to actively engage with you along the way to make sure your questions or concerns are answered. You don’t have to wait for the next podcast or blog just shoot me an email on chat@talkingapartments.com.au or via our contact form

Apartments have been part of Australia’s property market for decades but recently that have rocketed to prominence due to a huge growth in development and everything that goes with that. There has been a commensurate growth in ownership of apartment and often by people who have never owned an investment property or an apartment before.

Apartments have an added level of complexities over a house, and that is assuming it is an existing apartment. Add on top of that buying an apartment “off the plan” and the complications and risks escalate significantly.

All too often people make basic errors in their transactions or ownership of apartments. There are little things that can make a big difference and are very avoidable with a little bit of direction at the right time.

If you either own an apartment or are looking to buy and apartment, and you want to avoid the traps and make the best decision through that process then Talking  Apartments will be a great help for you. Similarly once you own the apartment (particularly as an investor) there are lots of decisions to make along the way and again Talking Apartments will guide you.

There many books, TV shows and podcasts about how to invest in property. How to build a portfolio and what property to buy or avoid. Talking apartments will cover these topics but it is more focused on making sure the transactions and management of your apartment goes smoothly.

Like the name says – Talking Apartments focuses exclusively on apartments therefore it can dig into the nuances of an apartment both operationally and as a property investment.

My commitment is to educate as many people as possible to navigate themselves through the twists and turns of buying, owning and selling apartments. I don’t promise you will learn everything there is to know, but I do promise you will know when to get help and how to stress test the advice you are given. I am also committed to ensuring you enjoy the many benefits successful apartment ownership brings such as financial independence, generational wealth building, and exercising a passion for property.

Talking Apartments brings to you experts in the many fields that come together to make an apartment development happen from developers, financiers, market research analysts, architects, legal experts, financial planners and accountants, real estate sales agents, buyers advocates, property managers and many many more interesting and engaging professionals.

Talking Apartment is definitely not about me and while I am reluctant to bore you with my dossier I understand it is important for you to know who is espousing their advice, and how credible it is.

My name is Andrew Wood and I am your host on Talking Apartments. I am a fourth generation real estate agent after my great grandfather Henry Ashton Wood started HA Wood & Co in Swan Hill Victoria 1908 and my Grand Father (Henry Raymond Wood) and then my Father (Henry William Wood) continued the tradition and now that business is run by my Brother and his wife Brian and Lauren Wood. So that is about 110 years that my family have been advising buyers, sellers, and owners of property through droughts, floods, wars, property booms and busts including the great depression, and through dramatic changes in technology from the horseless carriage to the driverless car.

I have honed my experience and knowledge from 30 years in property and have always listened and learned from the many successful property investors I have worked with. After completing my Bachelor of Business in Property I worked at international real estate services companies Knight Frank and then as Managing Director of Jones Lang Lasalle completing my MBA at Melbourne Business School along the way. I am a qualified valuer, Fellow of the Australian Property Institute and have conducted hundreds of auctions from CBD office buildings to tins of bolts on the back of truck in the Mallee.

Over my career I have been fortunate to be asked to provide property advise to Public Companies, Property Trusts, Governments of every level, and private individuals from the very wealthy to the battle and transacted over $4 billion of property.

Property is a long term game and it is only by working in property over a long time and through all the ups and downs including the late 80’s boom and bust, the Asian Crises, the numerous booms in values and development, the GFC, and all the bumps and rides along the way that I have understood what the key property issues are and how the entire property market moves.

I hope to distill that learning to meaningful advice and help you have very successful and enjoyable apartment investment experiences.

Need help with your apartment?

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Written by a 4th generation real estate agent Apartments Made Easy gives you the tools and tells you all you need to know about how to buy, sell, own, lease, and manage your apartment successfully.

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Need help with your apartment?