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Apartment Rent is already recovering

The recent press heralding Melbourne as the cheapest city in Australia to rent comes as no surprise given it also holds the record as the

The 5 rules to sell an apartment

Having a rewarding sale experience and achieving the best price depends on several things. The agent’s advice and negotiation skills. The agents access to the best

Government step into the housing market

Last week we detailed five residential property market drivers and how they were moving through Covid. Two of them were; The availability of finance, and

Why Covid impacted property prices so much

The last 18 months has seen significant changes in business, economies, education, property, social, health etc. etc. etc. Almost everything has been impacted Covid. Interestingly

China’s apartment market up in the air

There are many global political and financial issues in play at the moment including AUKUS, Quad Alliances, Covid, the climate change 2050 agreement, and diplomacy

VCAT is drowning in Covid times

If you have ever had a residential leasing dispute resolved at VCAT I hope you found it easy and fair. Some find it frustrating and even disappointing.

Median Unit price in lockdown

During Covid lockdowns the number of apartment sales in Melbourne and Sydney has ground to a halt which makes me wonder… what will this do to

What is the median unit price anyway?

It is perplexing for some people selling an apartment when their value changes more or less than the median unit price. It begs the question,

Apartment market set to rise

The latest JLL Apartment Market Report landed this week. Written by Senior Director, Leigh Warner and Senior Analyst, Hollee Hart, it showed some very interesting findings on the

Apartment rents 2021 vs 2020

​​​​​​​In 2020, Covid had a devastating impact on the apartment rental market in Melbourne and Sydney. Many are asking what is happened to those markets

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