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Why stamp duty is a country killer!

In the current debate on tax reform we need to put stamp duty on the table. It’s commonly regarded as a draconian and inequitable tax.

who’s to blame for under-quoting?

We haven’t heard much in the press lately about under-quoting, which is strange given how strong the market is, and how often the sale price

Do tenants really need a car park?

Any developer will tell you it’s the single bedroom apartments, without a car space, that are the hardest to sell. Town planning rules require dedicated

10 million people in Vic by 2051

Last week the Victorian Gov’t released “Victoria in Future 2015″ which is the official state government projection of population and households from 2011 to 2051.

Can int rates still fall?

Last week saw APRA’s announcement requiring the major banks (including Macquarie) to increase capital reserves against their mortgage book. APRA has no property market regulation

Is now a good time to sell?

It’s the question real estate agents get asked every day. The question has the presumption of market cycle timing and future direction. The market is

Bubbles burst and vanish…

Many media outlets have been talking up a property bubble… like many analogies it has unspoken and inaccurate inferences. Bubbles burst and vanish. Clearly we are in

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