TA:30 How does this Covid property cycle compare?

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When the property market hits troubled waters the industry turns to valuers for help to understand the property fundamentals and navigate their way through the complexity of issues. Valuers deep property knowledge provides a rigor that grounded and provides structure to factors not normally experienced.

That is certainly the case now given the combined health and economic crises combining in a perfect storm of turmoil in every sector of the property market.

Talking Apartments have therefore turned to Damian Kininmonth, Director – Preston Rowe Paterson, who’ s 35 years experience provides lessons of past downturns like the early 90’s (our last recession) to help make sense and provide insights to how the current issues will play out.

Damian  discusses how Covid is impacting the apartment market (among others) and how the ingrained property risks between landlord and tenant are shifting.

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