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What is the market rent for my property?

Assessing the market rental value of your property is simple in theory, but complex in practise. Market rent price. The answer is this.  “Compare recently

Why your Apartment Brand matters!

We know that certain suburb names define the cachet of its address, and by association the people that live within it, either positively or negatively. So much so,

How much rent should I ask for my property?

A property investment owner wants to optimise the return, meaning generating the maximum rent, but also minimising costs. Importantly getting the highest possible rent is

Tax time for apartment investment.

When we are approaching June 30 each year it is a good time for investment apartment owners to get everything in place to claim all

When should I repair my apartment?

Many owners corporations (OC) (formerly body corporates) have a long term maintenance plan to undertake repairs of common areas and general property of the building

More good news for Melbourne rents!

I’m pretty sure most apartment investors are tired of hearing about the decline in rents that ensued in Melbourne through Covid, so when I tuned

How wide is the apartment vs house gap?

During the middle of 2021 it was becoming evident the rise in house prices was creating a unsustainable value gap between houses and apartments. This

Do first home buyer government incentives work?

Property ownership and especially the family home has become an integral pillar of Australian’s personal wealth building and financial planning. Consequently the issue of housing affordability

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