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How to win every lease application.

When the leasing market tightens, it can get tough for some renters to get their applications accepted. So how do you get approved for the

Who knows what the market will do?

Prior to May 2022, the last time Australia’s central bank increased the cash rate was in November 2010 to 4.75%. That was the end of

What is the market rent for my property?

Assessing the market rental value of your property is simple in theory, but complex in practise. Market rent price. The answer is this.  “Compare recently

How much rent should I ask for my property?

A property investment owner wants to optimise the return, meaning generating the maximum rent, but also minimising costs. Importantly getting the highest possible rent is

How is rent processed and paid?

Every month, billions of dollars pass through real estate agents trust accounts. How is it tracked, managed, and controlled? If there is one thing that

Need help with your apartment?

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Written by a 4th generation real estate agent Apartments Made Easy gives you the tools and tells you all you need to know about how to buy, sell, own, lease, and manage your apartment successfully.

Need help with your apartment?