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Australia and Chinese Love Affair

Australian apartments and Chinese investors have been in a long distance love affair for years but is cupid’s arrow misfiring? Or does her love potion...

Apartment market shake up

If you are thinking about buying an apartment “off the plan” you better hurry as one of the key financial incentives is about to disappear....

Who do you think is right?

There are two very conflicting stories running on the housing market. A.   Homes are unaffordable B.   There is a large supply of apartments So which one is...

Why Property is looking good

Money in the bank on 12-month term deposit earns about 1.8% Forecast inflation is about 1.5% The RBA’s official cash rate is 1.5% Australia’s 10 yr Gov Bond...

Why tenants should buy.

Now the official interest rate has been cut to 1.5%, the argument for a tenant to buy rather than rent has never been more compelling. Let’s take a...

Is Airbnb OK in apartments?

“Would you lease your apartment through a short stay group like Airbnb?” “Yes - No - Maybe…” “Well are you OK for everyone else in your building...

Should I sell now?

It’s the big question many apartment owners are wrestling with right now… “With many new apartments being built, should I sell mine?” There are also...

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